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‘We’d find a role for Jack in the future - 100%'

Mikel Arteta says that the club would be open to finding a coaching role for Jack Wilshere in the future once he hangs up his boots.

Our former midfielder spent three months back at the club recently, training with the first team and coaching some of our academy sides.


Wilshere has now signed for Danish side Aarhus - but when asked whether he could return to the club again some day, Arteta was unequivocal.


"One hundred per cent," he said. "I think everyone at the club would be willing to open the doors for him and try to find a role for him that would work for everybody. I think that will happen naturally in the future.


"It’s been great to have him, and I think I’m speaking on behalf of everybody and the club, it’s been absolutely a pleasure to have Jack back.


"To enjoy watching him play next to us, to have him around, the inspiration that he is for all the young people. Hopefully we can help him - we have helped him a little bit as well - because he had some doubts with what to do, whether to start coaching or continue playing.


"I think this group of players have given him again that necessity to experience - on a daily basis - how magnificent it is to feel like a football player, and I think he wants to experience that again. We wish him the best of luck."

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