'We watched Pele videos in our high chairs!'

Joe Willock has always watched football on loop - a trait that started when he was still in his high chair as a child!

Our midfielder and his brothers have dedicated their lives to make it to the top of the game - and their father got them started early.

"Do you remember that training video that Pele made years and years ago? Well I know that video like the back of my hand," Joe told Arsenal Player.

"When I was growing up in Walthamstow, my dad would sit me and my two brothers, Chris and Matty, in our high chairs and would just play that video on repeat. 

"We’d be eating and swinging on our seats, all the time watching Pele’s training video over and over again. I can probably tell you everything that happens in it!

"From a young age, everything in my life was dedicated to football. In our house, it’s all we knew.

"Sometimes we had to move the sofa and TV out of the way to create enough space for knock-outs in the house together, but I really enjoyed it. My childhood was brilliant and I wouldn’t change a thing."

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