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‘We didn’t drop our focus for one minute’

Arsene Wenger was understandably delighted after we delivered arguably our best performance of the season to win the north London derby on Saturday.

The Arsenal manager faced the media after the game and this is what he had to say about how his side won a game of “absolutely through the roof” intensity:

on responding to defeat at Man City…

Yes, I think we played with purpose, good concentration, the desire to always be efficient and with great solidarity. From the first to last minute the quality of our concentration was very high, we never had a minute where we felt that we dropped a little bit of our focus. Overall it was a very intense game when you look at the physical performance of the two teams. It’s absolutely through the roof, so that means the with the distances the players produced, it was an immense performance on both sides.

on why this wasn’t there before the international break...

I feel we had a very good game at Manchester City and I analysed it very well, it was a very tight game. We had a few away games where our performances were good but, when you lose, people always go to definite conclusions without going further into any analysis and we were not as bad as people said, we have 22 points today. We are a few points short, but if you can analyse the games I can show you why.

on benefitting from some decisions today…

I don’t think so, no. Last week we conceded a goal that was not marginally offside, that was a yard offside and that nobody found a word to say. I watched the one again and I’m not sure it was offside and it was a foul, so suddenly when we concede the goals it’s absolutely normal, and when we are a yard offside maybe you have to answer that in a press conference.

on the players wanting to prove the doubters wrong...

We did not listen as much as you think to the national debate that is among you. We focus, we live inside our own club and we focus what is important for us and people have a perception about us, about the game and we have to live with that. We can only give one answer and it’s always on the football pitch.

on believing that his team deserves more trust…

I deserve nothing, no. I am here to produce a quality performance for people who come and pay their money and enjoy it and then go home happy or unhappy. That’s my job and I don’t think I deserve anything, I just try to produce what people expect, but I have to live with opinions. I can live with that without any problem, I am 35 years in the job so I know a little bit and can anticipate what happens.

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