Press conference

'We can get Auba more experience with trophies!'

Mikel Arteta
Mikel Arteta

Another big game at Wembley, another two goals from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Afterwards, Mikel Arteta was asked about the Gabon international's performance - and his future with the club.


This is what he said:


on Aubameyang’s performance and whether he could stay…

Well, you asked me my opinion and that’s the feeling I get with conversations with him and his people, but obviously nothing is done yet and I want to enjoy the victory. Thanks to Auba again for the performance that he had and how much he helped the team.


on Aubameyang dropping the trophy…

It can happen! I think it can happen, he needs more experience with trophies! We can get him used to that.


on Aubameyang's contribution today...

Big games require big moments from big players, and he's delivered that in the semi-final and he's done it again in the final. That's why you ask about those players. Some were questioning that he couldn't do it in big games. There we go. He was a big, big part of delivering this trophy. He's done it and we are so proud to have a player like him in our squad.


on whether we will hear any news on Auba's future in the next week...

I hope so. Everything is based on my conversations with him, how he sees his future, what I expect from him, the team that I want to build around him and the conversations I have with the people who are very influential around him. The club, we all respect and admire him, the players are all behind him. We know the players that we have and we have to value him. I think if we reach all of those points, we'll make progress.

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