Torreira – The secret to my success so far

There were high hopes for Lucas Torreira when he joined us in the summer of 2018, but few could have predicted how well he would adapt to life in England.

The Uruguay international has already cemented his place as a regular starter, as well as winning the hearts of the fans at Emirates Stadium.


But what is the secret behind Torreira’s success to date?


"I think the most important thing for me is hard work and that day-to-day learning," he said. "I'm part of a squad that has got some stars within it, people who have achieved a lot throughout their entire careers.


"I'm very young but I'm obviously within that squad and able to learn as a result of that. For me, I'm the kind of person who really likes to work hard.

"I like dedicating a lot of time to what I love most, which is football. Then when I'm on the pitch, I try to give 100 per cent and try to help the team in various aspects.


"I'm really motivated to be a part of this team and I want to continue growing as part of this squad, which I think is a very good one.


"It's incredible really to be able to be in the same squad as a player like Mesut Ozil and obviously other players too, players that have achieved a lot and have great quality. It makes me proud.


"I'm happy to be able to be in the same squad, and I try to learn from them when I'm on the pitch. It's about gelling and trying to enjoy myself on the field of play so that fans have something to shout about."

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