Tierney - I’m proud to represent Scotland here


Kieran Tierney is our first Scottish member of the senior team since Scott Marshall in 1998.

With his transfer now complete, Kieran has turned his focus to getting to know his new team-mates and emulating some of his compatriots in the Premier League.

"It's massive for me as well [being the first Scotsman since 1998]," Tierney told Arsenal Player. "I'm proud and delighted to be here, so it's all good.

"I work hard, that's all I can say: I work my hardest every game, I give all I've got and I wear my heart on my sleeve all the time. That is honestly all I can give.

"I’ll be looking forward to hopefully get a partnership with whoever is on the left and whoever is centre-back - partnerships all over the pitch and friendships too."

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