'The story is not over yet'

Arsenal captain Alex Scott has today announced her retirement from international football.


Alex brings the curtain down on her international career having made 140 appearances for the Lionesses.

She also represented Great Britain in the 2012 Olympic Games.

The following statement has been issued by Alex following the announcement of her retirement:

Today is the end of a chapter as I turn the lights out on my England career. 

This decision has not come lightly, but sometimes the right choice is the one that involves some sacrifice. 

My dream as a little girl playing in that football cage in the east end of London was to one day pull on the 3 lions shirt and represent my country. I am so proud and humbled that I managed to do just that. 

What a journey it has been, and I will always be so grateful for what the game has given me in my life. 

I've always strived hard to be the best version of me and reached heights that some never believed I would. I did all I could to repay the faith to the ones that stood by me and believed in me. I played through my career with my heart on my sleeve! 

To every single one of my England coaches and all the backroom staff  (the team behind the team since when I was just 16) who never get the credit they deserve, you have all played a part in helping me grow into the person I am today. Thank you!  

To my teammates, every single one of you...where do I even begin. I have been so fortunate to be surrounded by dreamers, believers, thinkers, and doers. I feel blessed to have shared my journey with you, and you are all inspiration women who kept a smile on my face during the past 13 years. I cannot thank you enough!

To all the fans who have been so loyal to me over the years, I only hope I’ve done you all proud. It's been amazing being able to share my journey with you, and it continues...

This is not full-time, only half. I know it’s not about turning my back and walking away. We should always be the convoys of courage in what we do, and I always knew that part of my role was to reach back and help someone else. I will continue to help grow the game and be a pioneer. 

Sometimes we are fearful of the next step, but I go forward without limits, and know it’s about making that fear a tailwind instead of a headwind as I leave one exciting career and enter another. I am grateful to the people that continue to believe in my talents and have allowed me to start making the transition into broadcast media.  

Thank you mum for raising me to be imperfect, be brave and never defer from my dream!! We did it!! Happy birthday! 

The story is not over yet! For now I’m focused on the new WSL season with Arsenal, and as captain I will give everything that I’ve got to the team, as always.

"Be a good ancestor - plant trees you will never see grow" 

Alex Scott MBE


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