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Season ticket prices for 2022/23

Emirates Stadium

After holding General Admission ticket prices flat for seven consecutive seasons, all season tickets and matchday tickets will be going up by 4% for season 2022/23.  

This is the first stadium-wide price increase we have made since 2014. Tickets to the Carabao Cup will remain at £5 and £10 for concessions and £10 and £20 for adults. We will continue to subsidise away Premier League tickets for our fans to £26.

In response to supporter feedback around ticket pricing and supporting our younger fans, we are announcing a suite of new measures targeted at these fans starting from next season. 

A new discount of 25% is being introduced for General Admission season-ticket holders and match by match ticket purchasers aged between 19 and 21. Cannon members aged 17 and 18 already benefit from a 57% discount in the Family Enclosure and will now be able to enjoy that benefit anywhere in General Admission Emirates Stadium. Finally, we will improve access for Junior Gunners (16 and under) to attend matches with Red members in the Family Enclosure, still at a 66% discount, enabling more young fans to come to matches.

In addition, we will be investing in improving Emirates Stadium; this includes a major refurbishment of the roof, new big screens, turnstile readers to speed up entry, and the wraps outside Emirates Stadium.

We recognise that no one welcomes price increases, and this decision has not been taken lightly. Ultimately in the face of continued rising costs, we need to continue to drive growth in all our revenue streams – including matchday – as part of our aim to return our finances to a break-even position in the medium term.

What it means for fans

The additional cost for fans will depend on what competitions we are in next season and where seats are located. Prices for General Admission season tickets, which cover 26 games including Premier League, European and FA Cup home matches, will also be reduced by “cup tie credit” refunds as we did not play any home FA Cup ties this season.

The table below shows how pricing will work but in summary if we are in the Uefa Champions League, the average General Admission season ticket price will go from £1,219 to £1,268, an increase of £49. When you factor in the cup tie credit, prices would actually reduce by £26.33. 

If we are not in Europe, the average General Admission season ticket price will go from £1,010 as it is this season to £1,050 in 2022/23. The cup tie credit would reduce the price versus the current price by £35.33.

The table below shows how it works.

General admission
Average ST price £1,219 £1,095 £1,010
Current Avg. ST Price £1,219 £1,095 £1,010
22/23 Price with 4% increase £1,268 £1,139 £1,050
Increase £49 £44 £40
21/22 Cup Tie Credit (CTC) £75.33 £75.33 £75.33
Increase less CTC refund -£26.33 -£31.33 -£35.33


Club level
Current Avg. ST Price £3,689 £3,394 £3,136
22/23 Price with 4% increase £3,837 £3,530 £3,261
Increase £148 £136 £125

What happens next?

Club Level season ticket renewals will begin w/c 21 March. Supporters will receive personalised communication explaining the changes and what it means for them.

General Admission season-ticket renewals will begin at the end of the current season.

Note: Match by match ticket discounts for our younger fans will be capped at 1,000 per game  

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