Revealed: The homework Arteta sets his squad

Our players may be on lockdown, but that doesn't mean that Mikel Arteta isn't working them hard at the moment.

Our head coach has been setting individual assignments for each of his squad as they analyse videos of their performances, and then he discusses their findings with them in detail.

"I like to dissect the game in different aspects," Arteta told Arsenal Player. "We're going through individually with them on those three big aspects but then we are putting each together and we are putting parts of games for the players to analyse individually. 

"After that, they have to find the solution, they have to tell what they did wrong or right and why this scenario happened and if they could have avoided that before it actually happened. 

"A lot of times it's just about communication, but other times it's about the positioning, it's about the body shape, the technique of how they have to defend. 

"It's a lot of things and the feedback has been really good. And after, the way they have been processing the information for the next one, has been superb. And with some of the young players, I've been very, very impressed with them."

So how is Mikel checking to make sure his players are doing their homework?

"Very easily," he said. "With the technology, we know when a player has downloaded the game, when he has done the homework. They have to report everything to me! 

"So they cannot escape. And to be fair, they've been really good. They've been doing their tasks in the way we ask them to do and in that sense we have no concerns."

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