'This represents what I am - on and off the pitch'

Lucas Torreira says the lion tattoo he's had inked on his arm "represents what I am on and off the pitch".

Our new Uruguayan midfielder believes the body art sums up many different things about him, as he explained to Arsenal Player:

You have a tattoo of a lion on your arm. Can we see it?

Yes, of course. It's this one here.


What does it represent?

I just had it done because I liked it. It’s true that a lion represents strength and the spirit we Uruguayans have inside, but I am also a tattoo lover. I liked this tattoo from the moment I saw it.


Why did you choose a lion? For the strength that it represents?

Yes, I chose it for the strength that is in it. It also represents what I am on and off the pitch and my family. This tattoo puts many things together.

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