Player of the Season Wubben-Moy thanks supporters

After being named our Player of the Season for 2023/24, Lotte Wubben-Moy shared her appreciation for the support.

"The noise we hear from them week-in and week-out, the songs, the chants - that would be enough for me," said Lotte. "Just knowing that I'm in their thoughts. Just knowing that I'm someone that they're cheering for and I know all the other players feel that way as well. 

"Their support is unrivalled, the best in the league and I don't think you can even argue with that. I think that's a fact now. So for them to have voted for me as Player of the Season, it means a lot. It really does.

"It's special and I'd like to think that it's sort of my performances giving back to them, contributing to the team's wins and hopefully more to come next season."

A lifelong Gooner, who made her senior debut aged just 16, Lotte's quality and consistency this season have made her impossible to ignore. But her performances have been the result of years of hard work. 

"A lot of people have been saying that it's finally my time and I think a lot of people that work with me day in and day out know that I will always give 100%. I think this has been just waiting to happen, an accumulation of days that I've put into it. 

"Ultimately, you're seeing it on the pitch this year but there's a lot of work that's been put into it and this is just the foundation for more to come."

Hear more from Lotte by clicking play on the video above. 

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