‘Our supporters are identifying with this team'

It was another terrific atmosphere at Emirates Stadium on Friday night as a vociferous home crowd roared us on to victory against Aston Villa.

For a squad that is statistically the youngest in the Premier League, that support is absolutely vital - and Mikel Arteta is delighted with the connection that is forming.

"I was extremely pleased with that because I can now see that our supporters are starting to identify with what the team projects and that is very pleasing because at the end of the day we play for them, and you have to find the right purpose to do so," the manager told Arsenal Media. 

"I think the players felt that connection behind them, [it wasn't just] when scoring a goal, it was right from the beginning and right to the end and if we can generate that every single time we play at the Emirates, it's very powerful for us and very difficult for the opponent.

"That [support] builds confidence in the boys. It's incredible that we are the youngest team in this league and many of the experiences they are going through, they have never experienced before. So the more positive they are, the more confidence that will build. 

"When a player is more confident, he fulfils his potential much quicker and much better and it only generates a better atmosphere. Sometimes when you are in a good mood, you make better decisions."

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