'Now is the moment to work together'

As our technical director and as a former Arsenal player, Edu feels the frustration over our start to the season as much as anyone.

But he insists that now is the time for unity, for everyone to come together as we look to climb the table over the coming months.

"It's a very uncomfortable situation to be in," Edu told Arsenal media. "I understand the reaction of the fans and the media, I respect that.

"We are where we never [want] to be. But we have to work to leave this situation. There are some reasons why we are there, we have to accept that, we have to recognise the reasons. So now let's put the team together, let's play together and let's see the team together because until now we haven't had the opportunity to see the team. Let's support them and let's be together. 

"I always say, in these periods, when you are exposed, it's really easy for everybody to come and hit us. No problem, we have to accept that. But it is our responsibility as well in this period to be together, to work and go through this difficult moment. So these kind of moments are important as well because you see who is who. Who wants to fight. Who wants to step forward and say now we want to change it. 

"We have the team to change it, we have the fans to change it, we have the right coach to change it, we have the right players to change it. So now is a good moment to be together, to work as a team, to step forward and say, 'Listen guys, we have to change it as soon as possible'."

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