Nketiah on Auba, Laca, Arteta and that celebration

Eddie Nketiah was back among the goals during Sunday's win over Everton.

Our 20-year-old forward timed his run to perfection to connect with Bukayo Saka's cross and level the scores, after Dominic Calvert-Lewin had given the visitors an early lead.


Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang's brace completed the turnaround and after the game, Nketiah spoke about linking up with Saka, his Leeds experience and where his celebration came from...


"It’s great. Like I said you’ve just got to keep getting in there and I was confident that after Baka put in a great ball I’d be able to get on the end of it and thankfully it went in.


"Bukayo's in great form. I think he’s got a wonderful delivery and we’re quite close off the pitch. I told him when he gets in there make sure he bends it in and I’ll make sure I’m on the end of it. We linked up well today and it’s great that it came off and we got a goal from it.

"I just want to keep improving day in and day out and I have a real hunger to learn and I want to keep improving and keep challenging for a place to try and start games, play games. I'm here, I believe in myself and I want to be in the team so I will just keep working hard in each situation I am put in."


"It’s great, they’re really good guys off the field and obviously top strikers. I just try to focus on myself and learn from them, see the things they do well and try to take from it and improve. They’re always willing to give advice and talk to me whenever I need it.


"It’s great to have two great strikers to learn from. I’m just trying to improve every day and listen to the people around me, my family and coaches, really improve, take each day as it comes and get better.


"Laca is a mature lad and a great player. He did well in the last game he played and he always tries to encourage me. He has been a young player in my position as well so he knows what it is like, there are no hostilities he's just always looking to help and improve and it shows the maturity he has.


"He has had a great career so all I can do is take the advice he gives me and try and implement it in my game and do what I do best."


"My Leeds experience was good for me, I learned as a player. I might not have played as much as I want but I had good moments when I was there when I came on and played. It’s just about learning and developing.


"It started really well, obviously I came on and if you check my minutes to goal ratio it’s quite good but obviously it’s just how things are. Sometimes the manager makes his decision and you have to deal with it. It’s about learning from that environment. It’s a very good environment to be in, it’s a very demanding coach and I learned a lot.


"You have to learn about yourself and take each opportunity as it comes. I’m here playing at Arsenal, which is a dream. A lot of people would do a lot to get this opportunity. It’s just about moving forward, taking what I learned and trying to implement it and continue learning and developing.


"I’m grateful to be here at Arsenal, my home club, and the manager has shown a lot of faith in me. I’m happy that I’m able to work hard and try to repay that faith in him. It’s about learning. I’ve got a lot to learn and there’s no better way to do so than on the field on the biggest stage."


"I try to give my all in training and treat it as a game. He likes this mentality and obviously the quality I have, I try to showcase that. It’s just about working hard, I’m grateful he’s given me the opportunity he has and I just want to keep learning.


"He’s a great manager and has a real determination to help and improve players, young players and the senior players as well. I just want to keep learning of him, make sure my mentality is right each day and keep improving.


"He demands a lot from the players and as players we know where we need to improve. Obviously I know I have got a lot to improve on, I'm still a young player and a young striker, I have got a lot to learn and all I can do is keep the right attitude day in and day out.


"Mikel has got a lot of knowledge, he has played the game and knows exactly how he wants things done so it is just about learning, trusting him and taking in all the information he gives you. I really did believe he would give me opportunities if I continued to work hard."


"It's just a little phone call! In pre-season Arsenal Media came up with a little thing 'call me if you need a goal' so I have kind of just stuck with it.


"A lot of my friends like it so they are eager for me to dial them up if I get on the scoresheet so I try to enjoy each goal, whether that is youth level, in the park, anywhere I always try to celebrate and enjoy it and it is always a blessing to score."

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