Wenger - You can’t just change direction

Arsene Wenger has underlined the importance of staying true to his vision for the Club in the face of recent disappointments.

The Arsenal manager has made no secret of his frustration after successive home defeats to Blackburn Rovers and Bayern Munich.

 But the Frenchman insists it is vital at these times to keep calm and not make any knee-jerk decisions on the future.

“What we need is to be united and strong, and not destabilised by people who have strong opinions after one game,” Wenger said.

“What is important is that the Club always goes with the guidelines we have and does not change direction every time we lose a big game. That would lead to a disaster.

“A bad period for a club is also a good opportunity to show how united and strong you are. We have a good history of that at Arsenal.

“I feel we live in a world of emotion, of excess, and it is down to people who have responsibilities to put that into perspective, keep solid and keep guiding the club in the right way.”

Wenger again emphasised his complete commitment to the Club and said his focus was entirely on returning to winning ways against Aston Villa.

“On the inside [of the Club], there has been disappointment because we lost a big home game and every time you lose a big game there is massive disappointment,” he said.

“I will not come out with my feelings, that's not my job. What is important for me is to focus on the next game and try to give my best, like all the players.”


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