Wenger on victory, Ozil, Ramsey, Giroud

Arsene Wenger spoke to the media after Arsenal's 3-1 win over Sunderland at the Stadium of Light on Saturday afternoon. Here's a trancript of what he had to say:

on the game...We had an outstanding first half with plenty of chances but we were only 1-0 up at half-time and you know that the break came at the right moment for Sunderland. They came back with a different proposition in the second half. They came back strong. We dropped physically, they came back to 1-1 but after that we had the mental resources to find two goals again. Overall it was a very eventful game and a very interesting one, with Sunderland having a strong and very committed second half.on his thoughts on the penalty…From outside it looked a penalty but I have to see it again. It was a distance from the bench.on Ozil's debut…He was like the team. He had an outstanding first half and dropped physically in the second half. He was sick on Thursday night and I decided only today to play him. He had a stomach bug and didn't feel well. He dropped a bit physically in the second half but his first half was outstanding.on if Ozil would have been on the bench had Cazorla been fit…He would have certainly been, due to the fact that he was sick. I would not have taken a gamble but I had not much choice.on Altidore's disallowed goal…It's one of these things that are controversial because the referee had blown the whistle before [for a foul]. If there is no goal, people moan because he didn't give the foul. He could have given a foul for Sagna as well. Both were holding each other off. We were a bit lucky in that situation.on if Sagna was lucky not to be sent off…Yes. But was he the last man? No. It's difficult to decide that. I don't think he was the last man because Koscielny was covering. We are a bit lucky yes because this kind of situation can go in your favour or can go in favour of Sunderland.on Ozil creating chances for Walcott…Look he had a few opportunities in the first half. He was the one that had the most opportunities but he couldn't finish today.on Giroud's form…I'm extremely happy with Giroud today. Not only because he scored, but his overall link play is improving from game to game. I think he is becoming a very important player for us.on Ramsey's improvement…Definitely, compared to one year ago. What he has achieved is fantastic.on what Ramsey's performances are down to…His intelligence, his desire to improve and [his] listening. He has a very learning attitude and he has a fantastic engine as well.on if Giroud is injured…That's my worry today after the game. We are very thin at the moment. [It is] a knee problem. He is the player at the moment that would be very difficult for us [to replace].on Cazorla…Cazorla has an ankle problem. He will be out for a few weeks as well. I don't think he will play before the next international break.

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