Wenger on Sanogo, Drogba and transfers

Arsene Wenger faced the media following the Emirates Cup game against Galatasaray. This is a transcript of his press conference:

on the performance…We had a contrasting performance. In the first half we had a good performance, we were in control, they didn't look dangerous, and we were not capable of maintaining physically that pace and that rhythm. In the second half we dropped. It's a long time since I've seen two such different halves. Then I believe we were not capable of keeping the ball and we were punished. But it's a good preparation for us.

on Yaya Sanogo…Yes [I was pleased with him]. Considering he just came back from holiday and only had three or four days of practice, what he did is encouraging.

on Didier Drogba…He did well when he came on. He still has the resources, you could see that yesterday as well. He has kept that physical strength and his intelligent game and he finished well. But I must say we were exhausted in the end, especially Mertesacker who played the two full games and was just back from Asia. He [Drogba] took advantage of it. Honestly the penalty was very, very, very, very, very, very soft! It was classic Drogba.

on the Champions League draw on Friday…We just want to be ready. We have only 90 minutes now before we start the championship and it is important that we recover a little bit from the two days and prepare well for our next game against Man City, a friendly in Helsinki. Then it's important that we start strongly in the championship because that will have an influence on our performance in the Champions League.

on the prospect of a difficult draw…It's difficult, it's a stressful situation, but we did fight very hard to be in that situation and now it's time to take advantage of the fact we finished fourth and we have an opportunity to qualify. Of course it's always a very tricky period but we have the experience, we have done it before.

on getting players in before the European tie…Let's count first on what is here, and if we can add something then we will do. It's very difficult to predict that that will all be sorted out before we play in the Champions League qualifier. I think we have enough quality to achieve it with the players we have at the moment, if we can bring more in before that it is even better.

on Cesc Fabregas…I haven't heard that comment [that it is reportedly up to Fabregas if he leaves Barcelona]. I haven't read it so I'm always a bit cautious to answer what a manager is supposed to have said. I don't know. What I know is that Fabregas will stay one more year at least in Barcelona, that's the information I have. If that changes, I don't know, but I have been told that.

on Arsenal's approach to Suarez…We try [to act properly], we always try to act properly. But the transfer is always an agreement between three parties. We have always done that.

on Gervinho and Chamakh…Gervinho is on a good way to Roma, and Chamakh is on a good way to Crystal Palace.

on Ryo Miyaichi…He is injured. He has a crack in the rib that he got in Japan in the first game. He hid it from us because he was desperate to play in Japan. At the moment he is injured for two weeks.

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