Frank Stubbs: Two-nil to the Arsenal

13/14: Arsenal 2-0 Hull City - Mesut Ozil

Going into Wednesday night's home game with Hull we all longed for another three points. Given the result in our previous three home games we really should have known what would be the most likely scoreline!

As a fan routine and planning is often important and chosen attire very much falls into that category. Midweek games in December should be cold I guess and Wednesday certainly delivered on that front.

Sometimes travel plans can depend on others, however the threat of possible industrial action leading to a closure of the Piccadilly Line meant concerns over how we would get to and from the match. Getting home can be a lot harder after night games.

Fortunately this didn't come to fruition, the warm clothes were donned and we went into the game buoyant after recent performances and results.

The number of games we are involved means we will see changes to the starting line-up or 'rotation' as it's called these days. Wednesday saw this in various areas.

One such change saw Nicky Bendtner coming in while Olly dropped to the bench. A player who has not always enjoyed the perfect relationship with us fans, it was a big opportunity for Nicky to show how much he can contribute to our season. Whatever the situation it needs to be emphasised that nothing would please all Gooners more to see him produce good and fruitful performances.

Football dictates that if we were to start well against Hull and get that all-important first goal, it was likely to be the big Dane who put us ahead! A fine downward header after an excellent move and the perfect start.

Like Jack's first goal against Marseille last week any late arrivers would have missed it and any who returned back slightly late after their half-time Bovril would have missed Mesut doubling our lead too!

A 2-0 win then, comfortably deserved after another professional performance that could have seen us score more goals, and we defended well when we needed to.

Even in a season where every game so far has seemed equally as important, on paper our next four games look as tough as they do massive.

Our first sees high-flying Everton coming to north London fresh from their excellent win at Old Trafford on Wednesday. Our manager mentioned 'warnings' in his pre-Hull press conference. They don't come much bigger than that!

We know as fans we can contribute in a hugely positive way on Sunday.

So get up for it Gooners!


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