Frank Stubbs: Moving on

Jack Wilshere

No team in the history of football has won all four competitions in the same season, including some of the truly greatest sides this country has ever seen. With that in mind, although I left North London disappointed on Tuesday night, I wouldn't say I was totally devastated!

It was a strange game in many ways, very tight and difficult to analyse but overall we were probably beaten by the better side on the night.

The first half was pretty even I felt, despite our visitors enjoying more of the possession. No clear cut chances were created by either team, one thumping cross shot by Nacho zipping past the post being the only near thing I can recall.

Ina tight game however, you can't afford to hand quality teams a goal on a plate and unfortunately, just like Man City at the weekend, Chelsea benefitted from this very situation.

Going into the break level might have seen a different outcome but our visitors took advantage of the fact we had to push for an equaliser and this season's League Cup adventure comes to a close one round earlier than the previous ten years.

They say money doesn't buy you happiness and I tend to agree with that but in a commercial world if you have a never ending supply you can pretty much buy what you want. Does that include sporting success? Well, if you can purchase pretty much anybody you want and pay them pretty much anything they want, it is very difficult not to have one of the strongest squads in world football.

The evidence for this is clear to see by comparing the history of individual clubs with their current situation.

Ok, we have lacked a trophy in recent seasons but I love the way we do things at our club. Of course I am biased but I do believe we are a quite fantastic example of how to operate within your means at the very highest level. On that basis I am convinced if all clubs worked to these parameters we would be the club to chase.

At the moment of course, we sit proudly at the top of the league. On Saturday evening we need to produce a performance to help keep us there against a Liverpool side who have also enjoyed a very strong start to their season.

As always we can play our part.

Proud to be a Gooner.


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