Cazorla - The story of my celebration

It's become a familiar sight to Arsenal fans - the unerring finish, then a beaming smile and a kiss planted on a tattooed wrist.

Santi Cazorla has scored 11 times for the Gunners and each time he has reacted the same way. But what is the story behind his trademark celebration?

"I always celebrate like that because I dedicate goals to my son," Cazorla told Arsenal Player.

"You can see the tattoo I have in my arm, that’s for him. If I don’t, he gets annoyed with me and, at home, he’s not happy! No, it’s always a dedication to him. He’s the biggest thing in my life and, everything I do, I dedicate a little to him.

"He’s the biggest thing in my life and, everything I do, I dedicate a little to him"

Santi Cazorla

"Yes [the tattoo is his name], it’s in Hebrew. It’s a little something to signify him when I score goals or whatever."

Cazorla scored nine times in his solitary season at Malaga but has already reached double figures for his new club. The Spain international has never been this prolific and he puts it down to practice.

"It’s an aspect of my game I’ve always tried to improve," said Cazorla. "Last season at Malaga I hit nine and my target was to go beyond that. I think a figure of 11 goals this season is good for a midfielder but I think I can score more and improve in that facet of the game.

"Everything influences it [the improvement in front of goal]. You have to try and improve as an individual and, ultimately, if you’re better, the team makes you better too. It all works in tandem and you need the two to come together, the individual and the collective."

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