Wenger on the season and the Invincibles

Arsene Wenger is often asked about a range of subjects at his pre-match press conferences - and Friday’s briefing was no exception.

The Arsenal manager was quizzed about how he would review the current campaign, directors of football and Celtic possibly going unbeaten in Scotland.

This is what he had to say:

summing up season so far…
Focused to win the next game and get the three points to get us to 75 points. And then we go from there to the cup final.

on whether David Dein was a director of football - and how they got on well…
Director of Football, when I say that, is a guy who decides the decisions that normally are down to the manager. That means selection of players buying and all matters that concern the functioning of the team on a daily basis. Of course we can need help to become better, yes of course. I am always open to that.

on whether he’d be open to a figure who he got along with being involved…
I am always open to things that improve the quality and the future of the club. Apart from that, after that you have to see if it’s really efficient because the titles do not always make you better.

on Celtic being able to have an ‘invincible’ season…
I don’t know enough but they look to be above everybody in Scotland. In the Premier League we are the only ones who have done it and we have some great teams in England. So I cannot judge how difficult it is in Scotland, but in the Premier League, because we are the only ones who have done it, it is extremely difficult.

on what memories he has of that season…
The fact of the memories in my job are more when you win, you find it all normal. The memories you have when you are a manager, it’s more the bad memories than the good memories, because you think it’s normal to win.


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