Wenger - How we will approach final day

The equation for us heading into the final day is somehow both quite straightforward and also relatively complex.

Put simply, if we better Liverpool’s result we will secure a top-four place. Anything else and it gets more fraught - and more complicated.

Should Liverpool win, we would need to beat Everton and also see Manchester City lose at Watford - and for a five-goal swing to take place.

It becomes even more of a headache when you consider that the possibility of a play-off for fourth place is still possible if we are level on points with either Liverpool or Manchester City, and we have the same goals scored, goals against and goal difference.

So how will Arsene Wenger approach the final day? This is what he told the media in his pre-match press conference:

on whether he’ll keep track of other results…No, we have anyway to win our game. We do not need to look at any other game.

on the chances out of 10 of things going Arsenal’s way…It doesn’t matter, the chances. We have to do our job. As you said we are professional, we love to win and we are on a good run. That’s all we can do, win our game. After that, how many chances? It doesn’t matter too much.

on whether Sunderland’s performance at Emirates gives him hope Middlesbrough could get something at Anfield…Yes, what you want is that they have a go and they fight. I think, traditionally in England, you have that. Hopefully that will be the case. Everybody will be under scrutiny so you just want the teams like Everton to fight against us, Middlesbrough will fight against Liverpool, Watford will fight against City. That’s what you want. If you want to be the best league in the world, you should not even question that.

on whether he will keep an eye on the scores in the other games…No, because what we have to do is to win the game.

on Walter Mazzarri’s sacking at Watford before the Man City game…I am surprised. I don’t think it will have an influence on the last game of the season but I’m always sad when managers get sacked. I think he has done a good job to maintain Watford at a good level.

on whether Mazzarri’s sacking will have an impact…Will it have a positive or negative impact, I don’t know. I don’t know more than you about that.

on if it will affect the players…I don’t know. You need to know the situation inside the club to judge that. Even if we live just next door, I don’t really know.

on if he’ll pop over and give them a training session…I think they have enough coaches there! In the Premier League clubs, it’s not personnel that we miss. At most of the Premier League clubs, we have too many.

on if Sunday will be his last game at the Emirates…Of the season, yes.

on if it will be his last game ever at the Emirates…I cannot tell you that.

on if the fans need to know…Look, I think what is the most important for us is to win the football game we play on Sunday. After that, what happens to me is less important. I’m here to serve the club and the best way to do that is to win the next game.

on whether a board meeting will happen before or after the Emirates FA Cup final…I think it’s after the FA Cup.

on whether that is when a decision on his future will be finalised…Yes.

on him saying his future would be decided in this board meeting…I didn’t say that. You interpreted it like that.

on how that earlier comment should be interpreted…I don’t know. I have been asked if there is a board meeting before the cup final. I said no, after. And of course, I will be there and at the moment I think we should focus on short-term and what’s going on on Sunday and in the cup final.

on what is happening at that board meeting if it’s not to decide his future…I don’t know. You have certainly to know that there are many aspects of a football club which have to be discussed at a board meeting. One of them is of course what is happening with the manager, the future, the players who have to come in, the renewal of contracts. You don’t miss problems in a board meeting.

on whether that means we are likely to get an announcement in the days that follow the meeting…Yes, of course.


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