Wenger on Alexis and Dele Alli

Ahead of the north London derby, Arsene Wenger was asked about Dele Alli and Alexis' confrontation with Christian Fuchs on Wednesday night.

The Arsenal manager discussed the incident against Leicester, the Tottenham midfielder and more.

This is what he had to say:

on whether he’s spoken to Alexis about the incident at the end of the Leicester game…I haven’t spoken to him after the game, no.

on whether the incident is over as far as he is concerned…I think so, yes. I haven’t seen exactly what happened yet on the tape, but I think he was a bit surprised as well because he was close to Fuchs. Overall he got a yellow card for it because he was too close and Fuchs would have deserved one as well.

on whether he will look again at the incident…Yes. I will speak with him because I’m not sure he knew exactly the rule. Do you know the rule?

on people thinking what Alexis did was ‘embarrassing’…It’s embarrassing? I don’t feel like that, no.

on whether he looked at signing Dele Alli before Spurs…I think so, we looked at him. He played at Milton Keynes. It’s down the road from here. You have to say that he has done extremely well, and he has developed very well into a very complete player. He is dangerous and scores goals - I think he’s scored 16 or 17 goals this year, so it’s absolutely marvellous at his age. They’ve done well to buy him and give him a chance. They deserve credit for that.

on how far Arsenal’s interest in him went…I don’t know. We watched him a few times because we watched Milton Keynes a lot.

on when he’d like his future plans to be announced…I think that before a game like [Sunday], that doesn’t cross my mind at all. What is very important at the moment is the very short term and the game on Sunday.

on if he has to put it out of his mind…A distraction for me? No. There is no distraction. What is important for me in my life is the next game, how well we can prepare for it and how much we focus on it, and how much we respond to what is expected from us.

on if decision will be made towards end of season…I don’t know, honestly. I don’t know.


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