The boss' future… and Ozil's future

Mesut Ozil's future was one of the hot topics at Arsene Wenger's press conference on Friday.

The Germany star gave an interview this week in which he said he was focusing on games rather than a new deal for now. And his boss echoed those sentiments.

"In the final part of the season, with eight games to go, it’s difficult when you get distracted," said Wenger.

"We have to focus on the right things. In the summer, you have a longer period for the club to negotiate and plan the future."

As expected, the boss was asked about his own future.

"Nothing [has changed]," he replied. "I focus on what is important for me, that is the performance of the team and what the fans are interested in is the performance of the team."

"We spend a lot of time in our society to focus on things that are superficial and not take care of the essentials. The essential in football is that we have to make sure of one thing. Good players on the football pitch. That’s what we have to take care of."


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