Wenger on Primorac, Bellerin and Alexis

There has been speculation in the media this week about the futures of two key figures at the club - Hector Bellerin and Boro Primorac.

The former has been subject to long-standing links to Barcelona, while the talk about the first-team coach has been more of a surprise.

Arsene Wenger addressed both stories in his press conference, saying:

on the stories surrounding Boro Primorac…
That’s a complete invention. It’s good today. You say anything and everybody takes it without checking any information. Everybody just takes and takes it and makes a subject. It’s not serious. Fake news!

on the Hector Bellerin rumours…
No. He has just extended his contract. It’s an unbelievable amount of years to go. I believe again it’s very difficult to take these things seriously.

on Craig Shakespeare's start with Leicester…
You don’t judge managers on three games. I think we live always in an instant world nowadays and I don’t know him. He certainly has top qualities but it’s always that a manager is assessed over a longer period.

on if Leicester's transformation has surprises him…
Look, they have certainly found back confidence. Leicester struggled a lot with confidence but it’s very difficult for me to assess that, because when you don’t live inside the club, it’s difficult.

on whether Alexis will start at West Brom…
I haven’t picked the team yet but he has a chance, yes. Of course.

on Leicester being the only English team left in the Champions League…
I was thinking that I would get this question today. I believe for me it’s not the moment to talk about that. There are some obvious reasons, but I don’t believe people are really interested in it. That’s why I prefer not to talk about it.


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