Wenger on Primorac, Bellerin and Alexis

There has been speculation in the media this week about the futures of two key figures at the club - Hector Bellerin and Boro Primorac.

The former has been subject to long-standing links to Barcelona, while the talk about the first-team coach has been more of a surprise.

Arsene Wenger addressed both stories in his press conference, saying:

on the stories surrounding Boro Primorac…That’s a complete invention. It’s good today. You say anything and everybody takes it without checking any information. Everybody just takes and takes it and makes a subject. It’s not serious. Fake news!

on the Hector Bellerin rumours…No. He has just extended his contract. It’s an unbelievable amount of years to go. I believe again it’s very difficult to take these things seriously.

on Craig Shakespeare's start with Leicester…You don’t judge managers on three games. I think we live always in an instant world nowadays and I don’t know him. He certainly has top qualities but it’s always that a manager is assessed over a longer period.

on if Leicester's transformation has surprises him…Look, they have certainly found back confidence. Leicester struggled a lot with confidence but it’s very difficult for me to assess that, because when you don’t live inside the club, it’s difficult.

on whether Alexis will start at West Brom…I haven’t picked the team yet but he has a chance, yes. Of course.

on Leicester being the only English team left in the Champions League…I was thinking that I would get this question today. I believe for me it’s not the moment to talk about that. There are some obvious reasons, but I don’t believe people are really interested in it. That’s why I prefer not to talk about it.


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