Wenger - Playing Alexis wasn't a risk

Alexis was applauded from all corners of Gander Green Lane when he came off the bench in the Emirates FA Cup on Monday.

Our Chilean star didn’t get the goal he wanted but he helped us secure a 2-0 win to take our place in the quarter-finals.

Afterwards, Arsene Wenger explains why Alexis was the right man for the job:

on whether it was a risk to play Alexis…
He is a guy who has a strong body. I think on this pitch it is the guy who does not have good co-ordination, who is heavy on his feet, who is in trouble. Alexis is more a guy who has very good co-ordination, he is light on his feet. I don’t think it was a risk.

on his team selection…
Of course, we could not afford a light team selection tonight and that is why I came with basically all the players who were available because we couldn't afford to go out tonight, we can never afford it.

on wanting to play Lucas more…
Yes, he is pushing on the door but I have many strikers. I have Giroud, Welbeck, Walcott, Alexis and Lucas. It is true that he deserves a go because he scores goals and is a good player.


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