'If we show intensity, fans will follow'

Welbeck and team celebrate his goal

The relationship between a team and its supporters has always been at the heart of a successful season, as both feed off the other’s hunger and passion.

Per Mertesacker certainly believes that if we are to achieve our goals this season, the Arsenal fans will be vital - but it is up to the players to keep them onside.

“It’s really down to us to show that we are good enough and can put the intensity in,” the club captain told Arsenal Player. “We’ve spoken about that a lot of times - when we put in the intensity, when we match teams physically, we are almost unstoppable.

“But if you don’t do that, if you lack another five or 10 per cent, you won’t win any Premier League games.

“The team has to lead the way. The fans will obviously need to get behind us as well, as they always have done, especially at those times where we play a lot of games. The fans understand that there will sometimes be bad results.

“But we need to play the Arsenal way. That means intensity from top to bottom, from the first until the last minute. That’s our identity and that’s what the people are identifying with.

“We need to show them that we identify with it too and get good results. That’s what makes people happy. It’s down to the players to show that we can put in the intensity and can get everyone involved. The fans will follow, as they always have done.”


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