'It’s normal that Jack wants us to lose'

Jack Wilshere is not eligible to play against us on Sunday. That’s a shame for him and a shame for Bournemouth - but probably good news for us.

Jack’s been in good form since joining the Cherries on a season-long loan and, despite his absence this weekend, he still dominated the agenda when Arsene Wenger faced the media.

Here’s what the boss said about Jack:

on Jack Wilshere…
I am happy that he develops well, I think it was basically in the end a big decision for him to go. He gets regular football and now on the observations I get from our people who watch him, he’s getting stronger every week. That’s exactly what he needed - to have regular football, maybe not every three days but every week at the start. That’s helped him a lot to develop and come back to the level he deserves to be at.

on how much Bournemouth will miss Jack…
I don’t know. When a player like Jack is in top form, you miss him always. But we want to win games again and the solution is definitely more on our side to focus on our offensive performance and be tight at the back, rather than expecting any weakness from Bournemouth.


on whether he’s worried Jack will share information with Bournemouth…
That’s normal. But it will not decide the result of the game on Sunday.

on how often he speaks to Jack…
Not since he’s left. I leave him to deal with his manager. Every week I ask, ‘How did he play?’, I read the reports and when I can see highlights or watch him on television, I will watch him. I’m happy that he hasn’t had any injuries since he left us.

on Jack wanting Bournemouth to win…
That’s normal when you’re committed to a club. When you sign for a club, you’re committed to a project and you have to do well in that season. You can’t say you want your own team to lose the game.

on whether he will address Jack’s contract after loan…
Ideally, yes.

on whether there’s a meeting planned…
Not before the Bournemouth game, no! We have to plan that around the New Year.

on wanting to offer him a new deal…
Yes, of course.


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