Wenger on Alexis, Bellerin, Debuchy

Will Arsene Wenger start Alexis against Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday night - or is he planning on giving the Chile international a rest?

The boss was quizzed about the forward at his pre-match press conference on Tuesday, and also discussed Hector Bellerin’s new contract and more.
This is what he had to say:
on giving Alexis a break…
He had a bandage before the [Man United] game because he had a little bit of tightness in his hamstring, but he was just checked before the game. I follow the instructions of the medical staff and of the player, and after I make my decision. If they declare him capable to play and he declares himself capable to play, I’ve never forced any player in my whole life to play. I’ve never demanded anyone to be injected to play. If a player says he’s 100 per cent, after I make my decision, do I play him or not? The suggestions that we pushed him to play when he’s not fit are completely wrong. 
on if he may need a break… 
If I have a possibility, I would like to give a winter break to everybody. We just had the luxury to do it with Ozil, because Germany didn’t pick him. But Chile played qualifiers for the World Cup and in fact, [Alexis] didn’t play in the first game, so he had a little break when they played in Colombia and he didn’t play. He was not overloaded with games.

on Bellerin’s new deal and the message it sends… 

It’s a long-term contract. It just sends out that the media will have to find a different name for somebody who wants to leave the club! Overall it shows that the players we have educated here are committed, and that’s what you want. When you give chances and educate young boys, when you give them a chance to play in the first team, you want them to commit to the club. That’s an important quality that we have at this club, so we are very happy when they commit.
on Bellerin being out…
It’s a problem because I would prefer that Bellerin is ready to play. But as well it’s an opportunity for the players that come in for him and they can show that they are at the level to perform in these kind of games. 
on if it’s a chance for Debuchy…
Look, Arsenal is one of the 10 biggest clubs in the world. You cannot think there is no competition. We are in a highly competitive world, we have chosen this job and we accept it. We cannot be pampered and think just it’s our right to be there. It’s competition, that’s what we want, that’s what we love and that’s what we go for and Mathieu Debuchy has a fantastic mentality. He’s a great competitor. 

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