Wenger on Mourinho, alcohol, big games

We hosted a packed press conference at London Colney on Thursday as preparations continued ahead of our trip to Old Trafford.

There was lots on the agenda, so catch up with some of the key quotes from Arsene Wenger right here:

on his relationship with Mourinho…
Look, I don’t think I have to describe our relationship. He will fight for his team and I will fight for my team and I think that’s completely normal.

on whether they will shake hands…
Of course. I respect the ritual that is so important in the Premier League.

on whether this is his best chance to beat a Mourinho team…
You know, we didn’t lose always. We have beaten them and there were many draws as well. I think I have won against every manager in the world during my 20 years here and I do not make of this game a competition between two managers. It’s between two clubs and two teams and I think I can understand that people want to create controversy, but it’s not that that makes the audience. What will make the audience is the quality of the game.


on the big games…
We have seen a few games since the start of the season where we didn’t respond completely to the expectation level between two big teams, and I think it’s important that it’s a top level game because that will be watched all over the world. For the reputation of the Premier League, it’s important that the quality of the game is good. That will be down to the players who are on the pitch.

on going into game under less pressure…
I think it is Arsenal against Man United and we have all won and lost games on both sides. You do not consider you play against a manager, you play against a team and you analyse the strengths and the weaknesses and that is it.

on whether we have less of an alcohol culture now than 20 years ago…
Yes, of course.

on what advice he gives players on how to spend downtime…
Just to follow the instructions of their managers and their coaches. We have all been young… we have not all been angels at 20 or 21 but overall I believe it is part of youth to make mistakes and after that analyse it well. All the players who make big careers have that quality, a good assessment. All the big players make mistakes but after they have a good assessment of the situation and they address it in a positive way.


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