Wenger on Theo and the England job

There was more than a 20th anniversary to talk about when Arsene Wenger faced the media ahead of the Burnley.

Read on for some of the key quotes from Friday’s press conference.
on Theo Walcott’s form…
Theo has added something to his game, firstly by a making a big resolution before the season started. He put a big effort into his preparation and he’s transferred that now into his game. When he plays like that I can understand why our fans love him because he’s playing so well.
on whether the fans need to be patient with Theo…
What the fans want is total commitment and then afterwards they forgive you. They understand as well that you cannot excel in every game by scoring two or three goals. As long as he has this kind of attitude, they will love him.
on the England job…
Right now my priority is to do well here. This has always been my club and if I am free one day, why not? But I’m focused on my job right now. 

on Arsenal being in good form…

Yes, in recent games we have combined style and efficiency and we want to continue that because we want to give pleasure to the fans and we know that comes with results but as well with the quality of the game. In our recent games against Chelsea and against Basel, we managed to do both.
on a significant last 10 days…
It looks like we have moved forward, with the quality of our game. We’ve found a good balance between attacking and defending. Our drive is always to move forward but at the moment the team has more belief in what we want to do and the way we want to do things. That should keep the focus very high.
on how dangerous Burnley are…
We have to go into the game with the same commitment, the same focus that we had in recent games. The danger from Burnley comes from the fact that they are very efficient in some aspects of their game, they are very well-organised defensively, they don’t concede many goals at home and they’ve shown that against Liverpool and Watford. They’re very dangerous on set-pieces and counter-attacks as well, so we have to prepare well.

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