‘Ramsey most suited to central midfield'

Arsene Wenger was asked about Aaron Ramsey’s most effective position when he faced the media in Sweden on Saturday. This is what he said:

on what Ramsey brought to Wales at Euro 2016…
I felt he was the link between the deep midfield and Gareth Bale. You could see that in the final game, the semi-final. When he wasn’t there they just missed that link. Unless Bale does something exceptional, they have no chance. You could see in the semi-final that Aaron had given them that final ball, the penetration with his runs and his work rate as well.

on Ramsey’s role at Arsenal…
It’s true [Arsenal have many midfielders]. I have played him wide sometimes because I feel like he can balance the team well. Of course he wants to play centrally, he wants to play behind the striker. What is the most important thing when you put players in positions is that you have to consider their psychological and physical profiles. Aaron’s psychological profile means that he always wants the ball and always wants to be available, so that’s in the heart of the game.

If you consider his physiological profile, he can absorb all the positions. He is certainly most suited to central midfield because he’s a box-to-box player. I think he likes to come from deep and make runs going forward, so I would think that at the start he would like to play from a deeper position in midfield. That’s more suited to him and therefore that gives him a tactical responsibility for us that he may not have for Wales.

on keeping all of his midfielders happy…
My job will be to keep them happy and their job will be to keep me happy. I hope we find a good common ground there.


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