'We’d win that 99 times out of 100'

Pedro Martinez Losa

It was a tough afternoon at Meadow Park for the Gunners, but Pedro Martinez Losa saw plenty of positives. Read what he had to say after the game below.  

Initial thoughts…
I thought that if we played that game 100 times, we would win 99 of them. But today was that one, we lost the one.

Does it hurt…
It hurts. There were chances and that’s the way that we play. I don’t know how many times they had shots on goal in the game, but that’s football. 

Disappointed not to score more than one…
Yeah, of course. But obviously players can get nervous and I understand that mistakes happen in football and we have to accept that. Dan Carter scored a fantastic goal in the FA Cup Final and showed how good she could be, but we also have to understand that they are humans and in this situation we just couldn’t find a goal.

Learning about your side…
We had a perfect month in July. That’s what we wanted today, I think we did enough to keep our winning form but Liverpool also played very well and they came away with the win.

What did you say to the team at full-time…
I told them that I can’t complain about anything at all. I think they did everything they could on the pitch to win, they deserved to win but now I think it’s better to look to every individual and see what every individual can do to improve from Monday. But really, I can’t complain.

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