Wenger - How we will help Welbeck

Danny Welbeck
Danny Welbeck

Arsene Wenger says the club will help Danny Welbeck during the early stages of his recovery by treating him away from the training ground.

The England international is expected to take around nine months to fully recover from the knee injury he sustained against Manchester City.

Wenger has no doubts that Welbeck will return a stronger player, but says that it can be psychologically difficult to deal with a serious injury.


“The first stage when they are on crutches is the worst one,” the manager said. “In Danny’s case I believe it will be eight weeks on crutches without any support.


“Once the player can work again, he feels his recovery is going upwards and then you have done the job. But the first period is very depressing.

“[We will] get him out of here as there is nothing worse than seeing everyone else jumping around and you cannot move.

“A training centre like this is not a hospital. They take care of people who are in a good shape. So the best thing is for them to be with people who are in similar situations.

“There is no medical reason why he should not recover,” added Wenger. “But whether there could be some psychological damage, I don’t know. It’s a huge commitment to get back to playing really freely.

“His play is explosive and committed so we need to make sure no tackles can hurt him when he comes back. But I don’t think it is physically where he will suffer.”

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