'It’s a missed opportunity for everyone'

Arsene Wenger says it is not just Arsenal who will feel that this season was a “missed opportunity” to win the Premier League.

Leicester City pulled off one of the biggest shocks in sport when they clinched the title with two games of the campaign remaining.


Wenger puts their success down to consistency, and says the Gunners and their biggest rivals must learn from their mistakes ahead of next term.


“It was a strange season,” the manager said. “We’ve finished the season disappointed because we felt we had the chance to win the championship. Of course we are frustrated but Leicester have had consistent results and the rest of the division have had ups and downs.

“Is it down to the fact that Leicester were a surprise package? Is it down to the fact that they only played one competition? Certainly there’s some explanation there, but if you only analyse the technical numbers, there’s no rationale. That’s why you have to say they have been absolutely remarkable and you have to congratulate them.

“It’s a missed opportunity but it’s a missed opportunity for everybody. If you look at the predictions for the start of the season, Chelsea were first and Manchester City were second. Other people can feel missed opportunities too. In the predictions, people can say they were wrong.


“What is important is that we learn from that. If the team only loses three games they will win the league, and that’s what Leicester did.”

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