Wenger on transfers, leaders and Swansea

Read extra quotes from Arsene Wenger’s press conference ahead of Wednesday’s game against Swansea City:

on if he’s going to get a £75m transfer fund…
If we want to buy at the end of the season, money will be available. At the moment we want to influence our performances and results. The money until the end of the season won’t help us.

on Swansea…
Swansea want to secure their position in the Premier League so we expect them to fight very hard, be very committed and well organised defensively. They are a good side who find themselves in a position where they certainly did not expect to be at the start of the season. They lost confidence with a bad start and after that, in the Premier League, it’s difficult.

on the team’s leaders…
In a collective psyche you always think you need a saviour when you have a bad result. We have won big games this season, many big games with exactly the same players. I don’t feel that I lack leaders.

on who his leaders are…
The team. In every position. The players lead and we try to develop that with our work. Our job is to have a leader in every position.


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