Extra: Wenger on Alexis and Fifa

Read extra quotes from Arsene Wenger’s press conference ahead of Sunday’s game against Manchester United:

on who he would like to win Fifa election…
Honestly, I feel Uefa has presented a good candidate in Infantino, who I know. I do not know the other candidates, nor do I know any programme of anybody because that has been very vague. Honestly, I don’t believe the next elections at Fifa will change a lot. We need maybe deeper changes, let’s see when somebody is elected if he turns up with a programme that presents deep changes. we have to respect the credibility of our organisation who is in charge of world football. That is quite a big job and personally I, like you, have been shocked by the bad news good we got.


on what biggest reform they could take…
The first thing is to restore and convince everybody that honesty and clarity in the organisation are needed. Once you lose confidence in the honesty and credibility of an organisation, you question every decision. Before, I never questioned any decision from Fifa, I thought it was good. I believe we have to restore credibility.

on Alexis needing time to find his best form…

on whether he is confident Alexis will recapture form soon…
Yes because he’s a highly motivated player and I believe that he’s conscious of it as well. He wants to do even better. Let’s focus on the team performance and after that every individual will benefit from a good team performance.

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