Wenger on the draw, Giroud and Klopp

Arsène Wenger spoke to the media after his side drew 3-3 at Liverpool on Wednesday night.

on the performance…
I’m frustrated by the result but not by the performance even if we were a bit apprehensive. I feel in the first 20 minutes we were a bit on the back foot and we came back in a convincing way. 2-1 down we have shown character and scored after 2-2 and 3-2. Frustration comes from the fact that I think at 3-2, we had three situations where we should have made it 3-2 and we made a bad decision. That is the frustration tonight and the fact we conceded a goal in the last minute that can happen in England but it was a game played with two teams that gave absolutely everything and we have shown again great character tonight and come away with a point and if you look at the recent results it shows you that everywhere it is very even and very difficult for everybody.

on what the players have learnt…
They need to transform the frustration they have in the dressing room at the moment to even more motivation for the next game. There is a lot of positives in the game and there is more positives than negatives in the game. I think what happened tonight should strengthen their belief that they have a big part to play in this league.

on Giroud…
He had more chances but it was a positive performance overall. It was not easy for him many times and he was exposed to a very physical battle up front and had to protect the ball and fight against the centre backs at long balls. He was very precious for us tonight.

on Alexis…
I will be cautious now. There is an opportunity that he will be in the squad for Sunday. He will have a definite test on Saturday and Friday and Saturday will be two important days for him. It is not impossible that he will be involved.

on Elneny…
Elneny will join us. We will see if he can qualify for Sunday.

on what he said to Jurgen Klopp…
I told him to calm down as they will send you into the stand here because at Liverpool you are very close to each other. He will explain that better to you than I would as I don’t really know why. I think it was for a throw in. There was no bad feelings at all.

on drawing..
I play every ball when you are 3-2 up and they go for those balls.

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