Cech - Why every game is so tough now

By Lloyd Webb

Petr Cech believes the Premier League has never been more competitive - from top to bottom.

The goalkeeper has been playing in England for over a decade and picked out Bournemouth as an example of the top flight's depth in quality following their wins against Chelsea and Manchester United.

Cech says Arsenal will have to be at their best on Monday to beat the newly-promoted Cherries.

"It is tougher and tougher to make the difference but every game is becoming more difficult"

Petr Cech

“I think in this league if you don’t play well in every game you risk not winning,” Cech told Arsenal Player. “This is why the Premier League is so special because you don’t have easy games, you don’t have a massive difference between teams.

“You look at the table and realise they [Bournemouth] are behind in terms of points but there are so many games where they could have got points, and they could have even won the game but they end up losing by not having a bit of luck or quality.

“All the games you play against them [lower-placed teams] are really tight so you have to take this into consideration that if you don’t play 100 per cent focused and ready you risk dropping points. That is what happened in those [Bournemouth] games against Manchester United and Chelsea recently.

"They [Bournemouth] had a really good game and fought for each other and were waiting for their chances. Once they were ahead they thought they could get something and then they did really well to see those games out.


"If you look through the squads [in the Premier League] you have so many international players playing everywhere. It is not only about international players wanting to come and playing for the top six teams but they want to come and have this experience of the passion and everything that surrounds the Premier League - it is special.

"Every team nowadays with the new image rights and TV rights contracts, has more money and more possibilities to bring in even better players. It is tougher and tougher to make the difference but every game is becoming more difficult. If you don’t do the right things, sometimes you can get away with that but not many times."


Petr Cech

Petr Cech


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