Wenger on transfers, Chelsea and Spurs

Read extra quotes from Arsène Wenger's press conference ahead of the Manchester City game. For more headlines, visit our Digest page.

on Pep Guardiola to City speculation…I don’t know if that’s to City, that’s down to media speculation and I don’t know where that comes from. It’s very difficult to master nowadays, to have this kind of speculation. If you look at Real Madrid, there is always speculation. It looks like it’s part of our job now.

on whether it’s destabilising to what Pellegrini tries to achieve…It can be but Pellegrini is experienced enough to deal with it. Maybe if it was a very young beginner, it could be destabilising but I don’t think that at his level it will affect him.


on it being an advantage for Arsenal if it does…I believe that what will be an advantage to us is to focus on our performance and not hope for any weakness from City. We go into a top-level game where all the rest will be forgotten and everybody else will just focus on the performance on the day.

on if Chelsea are in relegation battle…No.

on if Chelsea will pull away…Yes.

on what gives him that belief…The quality of their team [and the manager] as well. If you ask me objectively whether Chelsea will go down I say “no chance”. They are going through a difficult spell but they are not in a relegation battle.

on if Arsenal will do early business in January…We are open-minded. We are not the only ones who can decide about the speed of the transfers because we have to adapt to the availabilities and the speed of negotiations and the willingness of clubs to sell. We are open to do something because we are short.

on Tottenham's new stadium capacity of 61,000…Yes, are you surprised? We will try [to put in more seats at the Emirates]!

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