Wenger on transfers, Neville and Fifa

Read extra quotes from Arsène Wenger's press conference ahead of the Tottenham game. For more headlines, visit our Digest page.

on being linked with John Stones…I ask my players to focus on tomorrow’s game. I didn’t ask the board anything. It’s not the board who buys the players.

on whether he likes John Stones…We are not after John Stones if that’s what you want to know, we are focused on tomorrow’s game.

on transfers…We are in December and we will just focus on tomorrow’s game.

on if he’s identifying transfer targets…At the moment, I’m more focused on responding tomorrow. I gave the answer last week in the press conference that we will be of course open and look outside. At the moment, what is more important is to show how strong we are mentally with what happened to us, and that we respond in a very positive way. We are at the beginning of December. December is a very important month for us.

on having to concentrate on games and transfers…No, more because on the pitch we want to win football games. Your phone is busy every day from people who propose players, so that’s an aspect. We have a team inside our club who select what’s coming in, what we see. We are well organised on that front. The most important thing for us is the competitive side of our games and to win football games.


on if there’s extra pressure on spending because of injuries…I’m so used to it that I don’t feel anymore what is extra pressure or pressure. I think you just want to do well and make the right decision for your club, for your team, no matter what kind of pressure you are under. That will not change.

on if it’s an advantage in January to be highest-placed London side…I don’t know. I just believe when you have a target, you try to get after your target. That’s not down to me to decide that, it’s down to the player [if] he is interested or not to join us.

on Gary Neville…Good luck. He has the luck to go to a big club because Valencia is one of the biggest clubs in Spain. It’s a great opportunity for him.

on managing abroad…You must try to understand the local culture, the football club and try to push your ideas through. Overall it’s to find a good compromise between the respect for our local culture without giving up your own way that you see football.

on Fifa and if he has any faith they will be cleared up…It’s a shock to me, like certainly to you, to discover what happened there. It’s very difficult to swallow for people who are inside our game, that we are governed by bodies who are not straight. I hope that all these people will get out of football. It shows that you have really to rebuild completely this organisation and get people you can trust.


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