The boss on defeat, Bayern and injuries

Arsene Wenger faced the media after Arsenal’s 5-1 defeat against Bayern Munich in the Champions League at Allianz Arena on Wednesday. You can read a full transcript of his press conference below…

on the defeat…You have to give credit to Bayern first for their quality and on top of that we made things quite easy for them. It was a bad defensive performance and we were extremely poor defensively. We were not at the races. The funny thing is that when we went forward we created good chances. We had a chance to score early but with a defensive performance like that, you go nowhere.

on whether it’s Arsenal’s worst defensive performance…My memory of 19 years is not too accurate if I’m supposed to tell you our worst defensive performance. It’s certainly not going to remain in my memory for anything positive. There is still a chance to qualify. Olympiacos have to lose here, we have to beat Zagreb and then we will see when we play Olympiacos away. It’s a small chance but it is a real one. We have to realise with that kind of performance that we had today that our chances are minimal.

on Arsenal’s chances of qualifying…No matter what percentage we have, we have to dig in for the chance to qualify. We now have to focus on the Premier League on Sunday and bounce back with a different performance because we are in a good position in the league. It’s important that we realise what we did today and we know that.

on whether he expects Bayern Munich to beat Olympiacos…If they play like they did tonight, then yes.

on confidence levels…We have to analyse it and not be too negative. That’s top-level sport. You can understand that you have to be strong enough to face a performance like tonight. It was not good enough and we will have to focus on the next game. We live in a world where you have to face reality.

on injuries…I don’t think Bellerin will be available for Sunday but there is a small chance. From tonight we don’t have any new injuries.

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