Arsenal support This Girl Can in Herts

Arsenal Football Club helped Sport England launch This Girl Can in Herts Week on Monday.

The campaign, which is due to take place between October 16 and 25, aims to get women in Hertfordshire taking part in sport whether it is socially, to improve health, for fun or competitiveness.

Arsenal Ladies midfielder Jordan Nobbs said: “I think it’s crucial now that women take part in sport and exercise.

“When the [This Girl Can] advert came out everyone wanted to watch it and be inspired by it.

“There’s not many times I go out and don’t see a woman jogging down the road now, which I think a long time ago wouldn’t have happened.

“It’s also crucial that when women get involved, and they have children, they then naturally look up to them.

“If they see their mum exercise it’s something they will want to have a career in it or just be fit and healthy.”

Sport England’s Hannah Blaydon said: “What we are learning from the insight, broader than the campaign, is that we can’t just blanket assume that everyone is desperately trying to do fun, competitive sporty activities in a traditional manner.

“We often need to have a bespoke, much more tailored, much more considered approach around the individual and the experience that someone wants to have.”

The full programme, of more than 180 sports and fitness sessions from roller skating to pole dancing and netball to football, on offer is available on the website.

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