Extra: Wenger on Pedro and offside rule

Read extra quotes from Arsène Wenger's press conference ahead of the Liverpool game. For more headlines, visit our Digest page.

on big games early in the season…

I believe you would want these games later in the season but in England you have so many big teams now that it is maybe more difficult to organise. When I was in Monaco, in Italy they had a rule that in the first seven games the top four could not meet. I don’t know if that rule still exists. It was more down to financial resources than sporting resources. The fixtures are like they are, you have to adapt and win your games.

on the public inquiry over Olympic Stadium…

It is very difficult for me to speak out on that because I don’t know the case well. I think any decision like that should be explained to people because it is [in the] public interest. The case should be clearly explained as to what happened. I don’t know if West Ham get an advantage or not. It’s good, in my opinion, that the Olympic Stadium is utilised after for some need and as for a club, West Ham, being advantaged, I don’t know.

on the Emirates costing a lot…

We have the advantage of owning the stadium. West Ham will not have that advantage.

on the Pedro transfer…

It was a surprise to me because I thought he was landing at Manchester but he finally landed in London. The story was out for such a long time that I thought he was going to go to Manchester, but then suddenly in 24 hours [he joined Chelsea]. We’ve seen that before on the transfer market. I don’t know what happened exactly.

on whether Arsenal were offered him…

No. We have many players on the flanks. Many, many players.

on whether the new offside rule means you have to change tactics…

Honestly no, I believe the rule is quite clear. If the guy in an offside position takes action, then he is offside. In fact, we have been explained the case with a similar example to Monday night. It was quite surprising. Then again, I come back to what I think should be the next step which is the use of video. Goals scored, regular or not, go upstairs, ask the opinion. This is a clear case where without wasting time you could make the right decision. I could understand the linesman could not see it, but you have to check the regularity of the goals because it is too important.


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