Extra: Wenger on transfers and Monreal

Read extra quotes from Arsène Wenger's press conference ahead of the Crystal Palace game. For more headlines, visit our Digest page.

on transfers…We are as open after that bad result as we were before. We were working very hard and we are focused to do what can strengthen our squad. The availability is not big. It is Friday today and we play on Sunday so it is important that we focus on our performance on Sunday.

on Nacho Monreal signing a new three-year deal…No. I’m happy with his performances but at the moment we are not in negotiations for a new contract.

on Palermo’s interest in Joel Campbell…We haven’t got anything concrete from anybody.

on the lack of English players playing in the Premier League…We said many times. I can understand that mathematically it looks an issue but I don’t think it is. Even if you play with 400 English players the national team manager will only have to look at 40. The 360 other ones will not come under any other scrutiny to be selected. What is important is how good the English players are and I believe the 73 who made it must be really top players because they have a wealth of competition. It’s difficult for them but can also make them better.


on Cech's reaction...He is a great goalkeeper and needs to focus on the next one. He analysis it very well, he is a bright player, bright man and he knows that it is down to how well he responds to that.

on what Cech puts his debut down to...Maybe wanting to save the team in a situation where the defending was not great.

on whether he needs a signing to win league…When you lose a game you always get that kind of demand, we have to be honest enough and ask, ‘Could we have won the game without any addition?’ and I would say yes. Always the solution comes from outside, lets look inside at ourselves and produce the performance that is expected of us. I think that would be much more intelligent than always expecting a miracle from outside.

on whether that’s a maybe on a signing…Look it is exactly the same situation as before the West Ham game. If we find somebody anywhere who strengthens our squad then we will do it. It is not easy, it is not supermarket stuff where you go in and say, ‘I would like this, please can you give it to me.’ The availability is not easy.

on Mathieu Flamini…I expect him to be here in September. I spoke to him. At the moment he is not involved but he has no intention of leaving. He will be involved at some stage. He works very hard and his intention is to stay.

on links to Grzegorz Krychowiak…No.

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