Wenger - Keepers have a special problem

Petr celebrates with the Barclays Asia Trophy

Arsene Wenger says goalkeepers have a unique problem in the modern game.

Most of Europe’s top clubs now have at least two top-class stoppers in their squads, which can create selection issues.

Wenger - who signed Petr Cech this summer from Chelsea - says it is a tough balancing act for all managers.

"It shows you how much you need two goalkeepers, and how much you need to give them games as well"

Arsene Wenger

“The deal happened because of the special relationship that Petr Cech had with Roman Abramovich,” the manager said. “He had a promise from him that he could go out, no matter where, at a certain price, and that’s why it happened.

“It wasn’t a huge surprise for me because they couldn’t keep him forever, at 33 years of age, as a No 2.

“Goalkeepers have a special problem in the game. If you have to talk about being No 2, you are in trouble. The goalkeeper will say, ‘Yes I want to come but I want to play as well’. It’s such a problem, and it was for Barcelona last year.

“They played with one goalkeeper in the Champions League and one goalkeeper in the league. That shows you how much you need two goalkeepers, and how much you need to give them games as well.”


Wenger says Cech adds something extra to the Arsenal squad, and can also help bring through the next generation.

“He can help us with the continuity of his performances and can help us to develop our keepers, who are top talents,” he said. “He can strengthen the belief in the team as well because when you sit in the dressing room and look around you, you need some people who can give you confidence.”

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