Wenger - Our style can be successful

Arsène Wenger

Arsene Wenger believes Arsenal can win the Premier League next year with their attacking brand of football.

The Gunners returned to their free-flowing best in a dominant first-half performance at Hull City last Monday to extend their unbeaten streak to 11 games.

Arsenal fell short in their title challenge this season but Wenger is confident his side can lift the trophy again by staying faithful to their philosophy.

"You need to have a balance in your team so that if you are not at level of fluency you can still win the game"

Arsene Wenger

“It’s not necessarily the type of game you play, it is how well you play it,” the manager said.

“For example, you don’t question Barcelona about the way they play football. But when they started this way you questioned ‘are they not too naïve?’ But when they win you don’t question it of course.

“You cannot play 38 games in the same convincing style. You need to have a balance in your team so that if you are not at level of fluency you can still win the game. Then most of the time it is the individual talent that prevails.

“We saw the other night with Barcelona [against Bayern], the game was very level. Then suddenly the ball goes to Lionel Messi and the game is decided. You have to accept that at some level - unfortunately - the game becomes an individual sport.

“Despite all the managers that went through Barcelona in the last four or five years Messi was always Messi. It is not one manager who made Messi. What you can do as a manager is improve the collective style of your team.

“But you can’t have influence on the fact that a guy takes the ball and scores. I’ve looked at the numbers and in the championship he has had 40 goals and 19 assists. That’s 59 goals on his own he has been directly involved. That means he scores more than whole teams in a normal championship!”

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