Extra: Boss on Mertens, Pearson, Ospina

Read some extra quotes from Arsène Wenger's pre-match press conference. For more headlines, visit our Digest page.

on Gregory Mertens...It’s very sad - it was from a heart attack. That’s of course very, very sad and at 24 years of age it’s unbelievable. I don’t know if he had any heart problems before.

on the Leicester press conferences…I have sympathy with [Nigel Pearson] of course. He apologised and he knows he was wrong but it is not always easy to deal with these kinds of situations. We are all human beings and when you play for your club not to go down, it is massive pressure.

on whether he has come close to blowing up…Many, many, many times! You know you have to control yourself and be polite and respectful. But of course sometimes you feel that people are not respectful of you.

on Arteta’s contract and Rosicky…That will all be sorted at the end of May.

on a new sponsor for the FA Cup…Personally for me it will remain the FA Cup, but what makes the quality of the FA Cup is the games you get and the quality of the competition. On that front I think it is a top quality. Will the name change, certainly because of the sponsorship that looks to be the fate of the world that we live in.

on competing with managers…You can have incidents with other managers sometimes. It gets a bit heated when you fight directly with them, but in the end I believe time heals and the important thing is to respect each other as much as you can.

on if he’s looking to strengthen in goal…No, not necessarily.

on if the goalkeepers at club are good enough to win title…I believe in the goalkeepers I have. I believe that Szczesny is a very good goalkeeper and Ospina has come in and done a fantastic job. You look at the numbers in the Premier League and you look at who is top of all the goalkeepers and you will see it’s Ospina.

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