Walcott and Koscielny reaction

14/15: Arsenal 2-1 Leicester City - Laurent Koscielny

Goalscorers Laurent Koscielny and Theo Walcott spoke to the media after Arsenal's 2-1 win over Leicester City on Tuesday. Here's what the pair had to say:

on the importance of the win...
Without a doubt. After the disappointment of the local derby it's always nice to get a result. The performance wasn't the best at times but we got the three points and we ground it out in the end. It was a very scrappy game but three points is crucial now.

on Leicester…
I can't believe they're bottom of the league. They play some very good football, they are one of the best teams to have come to the Emirates this year - without a doubt. I've seen for a long time that they counter very well and I think if they continue to play like that they won't be there any longer. We found it difficult at times but like I said before it's important to get that win.

on the race for fourth…
I think it will be [tight], I think you can see every year the teams are getting better, who would have thought Southampton would be right up there, considering the players that left this season. I think it's going to go all the way, that's why it was so crucial to bounce back. The performance wasn't there but the three points was all we were determined to achieve. We'll focus on the FA Cup now. There will be a lot of disappointed guys in the changing room even though we've won. But that's why the games come thick and fast.

on Leicester…
After the defeat against Tottenham it was very important to win this game. It was a hard game with a difficult period but we stayed strong and the three points are important. They played well [in the second half] with a different system, they have some good quality players up front but we stayed strong, we conceded some opportunities but our players fought to keep the three points with us.

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