Wenger on win, Giroud and Alexis

Arsene Wenger spoke to the media after seeing his side beat Queens Park Rangers 2-1 on Boxing Day. Here's what he had to say:

on a hard-fought win…We made it hard for ourselves but we played two [types] of games. One where were in control of the game until it went 2-1. After, you never know. The last five minutes were a bit edgy because we conceded a late goal last week and you could feel that was a bit in our mind. But overall I think we were in control for big parts of the game and in the end we have shown resilience and fortunately got the three points.

on Giroud's red card…It was a deserved red card. Madness is a strong word but he didn't kill him, he touched him and should not have done it. He should have been in control. Olivier Giroud knows he made a mistake and I know him well enough to think that he will not do it again.


on Giroud's frustration…I don't know. He told me he was pushed in the back and that projected him into the keeper. Maybe because the injury he had still plays a part on his mind and it's unusual for him. Usually he's a guy who's in control of his response.

on losing Giroud for three games…Honestly, you never need that. In my job you sometimes have to deal with the strengths and sometimes the mistakes of people.

on Alexis' penalty…How do you know he shouldn't take it? I think Santi is a nice guy and let him take it. Honestly, he is not No 1 on the penalty list, that's true.

on Cazorla being the penalty taker…Arteta is our No 1 taker and at the moment Cazorla is No 1.

on not using Podolski…He knows that when we are defending like that in the last five minutes he knows it's not his turn to come on. We needed to defend.

on Podolski's future…I don't give any importance to rumours. There was a rumour two days ago in France that I offered £62 million for Cavani from Paris Saint-Germain. Everyday there is a different rumour so I don't give importance to that. In every big club you have some players who don't play and they are not happy. If you find players who are happy when they don't play you have a problem. He [Podolski] will play. Rosicky had an outstanding game today and he didn't play for a long time. Our job is always to be ready when you play.

on the last 10 minutes…We were nervous and the opponent pushed forward. Our game is [about] psychology and the mental aspect. In the final part of the game when the result is not settled, it's always very important.

on whether Giroud has apologised…Yes.

on his 400th Premier League win…It was a tough one today. It doesn't become easier. Honestly, you don't have a feeling because there is so much in the next game. I'm happy I could win 400 and it's not as easy as it looks. The next 400 will be much more difficult.

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